Monday, April 17, 2017


It could affect the health of someone by them not being able to afford health care. Say they dropped out of high school and the only job they could get was working at mcdonald's. They don’t have enough money to afford health care because they have to pay for food and pay there bills.
They would be a danger to society because of the drop employment rates. It is getting harder and harder to get a job more or less a good job. Without a High school diploma this shortens the chance to get a job by a-lot.
The more kids who either drop out or fall behind reflect on the school. Because of this the state would give the school less money in turn making it harder to get good teachers. One way to help this is to have tutoring classes and after school help.       

Monday, April 10, 2017

so so grades and blog

Grit is a resilience, a never quiet never die attitude. This is always important because it is need for most jobs no matter how big or how small. I do agree with the phrase entitled children caultrue. Many kids are told they are so smart and they are, but when school gets harder they mentally beat themselves up for getting bad grades or just give up entirely.
It shows that gradual progress effort grows a person's discipline. This is important because mistakes happen and people who know this understand that you have to learn from your mistakes. Say you're working as a lawyer and step past your boundaries of questions. Learn from that so next time you go to question someone you know where your boundaries are.
My strongest is probably emotional resilience. I feel that this is my strongest because that's my mentality. If you don’t make try again ,study more, work harder that my mentality. I feel in should work on confidence. Not that I am not confident but It helps to have more confidence in your abilities and what you can do and how you portray yourself.    

Monday, March 20, 2017


It shows how big of a gap of money is earned with a college degree. It is shown that person in the 60’s with and college education earns 802,000 a year. For a person in the 40’s without a college education made 243,000.
It is said that better grades are linked to students earnings. Just for one point higher for GPA raises your earning by 12% and for women by 14%.
It is shown that minorities have a better chance to pursue an education. I think this is because of the struggles it took their ancestors to get that for them but that is my thought and can not be proven by the article. I also think it is because of it is harder for minorities to make as much money as white americans, so they have to struggle and fight for the right to earn more.    

Monday, March 13, 2017

Respect and Discipline

I think the reason enrolment went up was because of respect. The kids were taught to respect each other and their parents. This would raise the amount of parents wanting their kids to gob The other reason enrolment went up might be because of discipline. This is show though the girl who dinked and got high. At first she showed no liking to the military regime but soon she started to learn self-control through the discipline of the school.
I think the article was made to inform students and parents of this type of school. I think this article was trying to show the way the school was different and how it helped kids. I think the article was trying to show how they discipline and teach their students respect and self-control.
I think it is important to build student responsibility because it prepares students for life outside of school and outside of college. To raise student responsibility we would have to first, take away some of the rights students have in the first place. Second students would have to earn certain right and respect from the teachers. Students would have to earn respect from teachers and rights from teachers.

P.S. I am not changing my hair.         

Monday, March 6, 2017

Twitter and character

I agree with this because they need to see the real you! If you post something on twitter you are saying that because that's what you believe or feel. What you post show them who you really are. It show if you have two faces.
I do agree with this because teenagers are attention hogs. Many kids are just craving attention and would do anything to get it. They would rather tarnish the names instead of being responsible for who they are and there own lives.
High school prepares you by trying to show you are not the only person. High school doesn’t just teach you how to write and solve equations, It builds character. They teach you how to respect others and yourself.     

Monday, February 27, 2017

Apartment cost

The apartment I choose is 759 dollars per month. When split with a roommate it equals 379.5 dollars.
Based on the fact that most every thing would be split with my roommate and I would ride to work. I would earn 394 dollars every month same as my partner if he had the same job.
This is very stressful if I didn’t live alone. It is stressful because of having to keep track of the bills but, with a partner you can split most of the fund and create an emergency account for you and your partner. Say if I got sick my partner could keep going to work and we would have the emergency fund on hand.   

Monday, February 20, 2017


I am interested with video game creation. This path really draws me in because I love video games and how they can put you in the story. I love the idea of creating my own little world to play around with. I am very creative and am willing to work with other and share ideas. this is the college I would like to go to. This college has both computer engineering and video game creation. Both of theses thing and to top it off it is a christian college.
The earnings are really based on how well your games does. People have made million of dollars for the video games they have created. One man who created a game by himself sold 530,343 copies of the game just in 2016.