Monday, February 20, 2017


I am interested with video game creation. This path really draws me in because I love video games and how they can put you in the story. I love the idea of creating my own little world to play around with. I am very creative and am willing to work with other and share ideas. this is the college I would like to go to. This college has both computer engineering and video game creation. Both of theses thing and to top it off it is a christian college.
The earnings are really based on how well your games does. People have made million of dollars for the video games they have created. One man who created a game by himself sold 530,343 copies of the game just in 2016.    

Monday, February 13, 2017


This Ted talk matches together by him creating an argument for what he is talking about. He shows the facts about what he is talking about and proves to us what he is saying.
He is talking about the secondary and retail markets. One market is for the collectors of nike shoes and other is for people who just buy their products.
If I could I would invest in video games. I love video games and the market for old games is huge. Many people collect games and game systems. Here is a link to the video game market.

Monday, February 6, 2017

non fiction articles and interest.  This article was informal.
I would say that this article was a deceptive article. The described what happened when tump became president and how many people rioted.
The biggest interest for me was the virtual reality. This sparked my interest because I am a gamer. The tech is used in video games right now but soon they will be made better and could be used for other. It just grabbed my attention because I like video games.     

Monday, January 30, 2017


Nonfiction is writing that doesn’t use fantasy or myth. Nonfiction is real Knowledge like a textbook.
I think that they focus on nonfiction to teach kid how to read and understand what people write today. I think they do this so kids can tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction. For the reason they don’t use textbooks is because of the use of computers. Computers can do everything a textbook can do but better.  in this article it talks about what happened when trump was elected. The main point was when trump was elected  we had one of the biggest american protests. The reason I chose this article was… It was the first thing I found.   

Monday, January 23, 2017

Romeo and Information

What should you do everyday? If you said exercise you are correct. Exercise is a very important part of your day. Exercise can help people get through their day or help them unwind. The benefits are numerous. Some depending on when you work out. In this I will show you how exercise helps you relieve stress, focus, and helps you stay fit.

I feel that even though Romeo was the death of Juliet I feel he would be the better husband. Juliet didn’t want to marry paris so if she had married him she would of been sad. With Romeo, even though she could die, she would be happy. I feel that if she was willing to take posin for Romeo she really likes him.

I believe narratives and memoirs are important because they show information about what you are reading. They offer information and help you learn what you need to now. They create a story that you can get the information you need or can just be fun for you to read.    

Monday, January 9, 2017

Your perspective

He made it so the potato was a royal food. This gave the potato a fake high value making it so people would want potatoes. This would make it so there would be an underground market of potatoes.  The other man made it so prostitutes had to wear veils this stoped  normal women from wearing veils. If they wore veils they would look like prostitutes.
It count as perceived because the ride of the trip wouldn’t change. The trip would take the same time, instead the passengers would be entertained till they get to the destination. Nothing but the happiness of the people would changed. The train would not have anything different.
It would be more effective to change a person's perspective because it is cheaper and doesn’t take much. Like the one guy did instead of finding a different plant he made the potato have a fake value. When it came to the train you don’t need to change the train you need to change the trip experience.     

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I think the reliability of polls depend on how they are worded and depending on where they got them. If you word a question to make the person answer it a certain way it is not reliable. Same as if you polled a group of the kkk about african americans. If the polls are not biased then it is reliable.
I think interpreting the data was the hardest. I had to take the data and make it help me. Then there is the people who don’t answer correctly. Like they say fish hook as their answer.
     The ad I chose shows celebrity appeal because of the actor Isaiah Amir Mustafa. It also shows tone of voice by saying smell like a man, man. Bage value is used because this stuff will make you a MAN, man.