Monday, June 5, 2017

final blog

The  article tells about the life of actor Kevin Costner and how he came to be. It shows the movies and some of the hardships that he had to go through. It also tell about his friend who gave him the chance to become an actor.The article is there to inform and entertain audiences about the actor and how he came to be.The text structure is sequence and order by showing who he is and showing the points it took for him to reach there. The article uses font effects, illustrations, and text organiser.

The reason that there is a disparity is because the question affects females more than males. Me being a male truthfully I don’t known how females are treated I can only go off of what the world says. The world is… Well simply not everything you hear is true.   

Monday, May 22, 2017

who is ted

Recap: At church I work with the kids and love to play with them. For me I choose to work with the computers because many of the adults are busy with the kids.
Social media is huge and has many people from many places on it. You can make friend with anyone from around the world just by posting a couple pictures and saying a couple words. The sentence “social media can improve your life”  is talking about the social connections you can make from all social media.
Shawn’s passions are to live his life to the fullest everyday. My passion is to make friends with many people across the world. Also to met some of my favorite youtubers.
There was create and consume. Create gives you the power to express yourself to the world. It helps you inspire others in many ways. Consume is just as important as create. Consume give you the power to make the people who create things satisfaction and helps them keep on creating good content.
It show how by not listening to what others have to say you can do many things that other would say is impossible. This story to me is very similar to a different story where there are frogs in a deep hole and same thing as before one frog makes it out and that’s because he was deaf.     

Monday, May 15, 2017

lollipop moment

Truthfully there isn’t many lollipop moments I have had. There is one that made my day though. In a game I play called overwatch I play a healer. During the battle I save one of my teammates using my ultimate ability. Most people wouldn’t say anything but the guy who I saved thanked me in chat. I haven’t had the chance to tell him because it is an online game and there are thousands of people who play it. Here is a link to the game website and hero I play.
We are afraid of how much we influence people.  We are afraid of this because we don’t want to be leaders. Truthfully I agree people don’t like to be leaders and don’t want to be the center of attention. Well… for some people that is.  

Monday, May 8, 2017

CANONS and mice with MEN!

What makes a book a classic depends on the multiple numbers of viewers. My thought is that a classic book is a book that never truly exhausts what it has to say. A classic is a book that has multiple meanings and you can find a new one every time you read it.
Cannon is something known to written by the original author. As an example Dragon Ball Super is a canon series made the original creator Toei. In relation Dragon Ball GT is not canon because of the reason that the original creator did not create or make it.
I feel that some books “cough “cough” 50 shades of grey “cough” should be banned for inappropriate messages. I am not saying all romantic books I am just saying ones that turn sextual and implie the wrong messages to kids. One of the reasons of mice and men was banned was for profanity reason for the amount of vulgar words used in the book.  The second  reason was because of the use of god’s name in vain was blasphemous. This is the site used to find the information for this paragraph .        

Monday, May 1, 2017

The dust bowl

Dust pneumonia is when a person is exposed to breathing in dust for long periods of time. This caused many people to get bad cough spasms, shortness of breath, and body aches. This could also cause death but this usually only happened in the elderly and children.
Thing used to stop people from getting dust pneumonia was by giving people gauze masks but those would clog up in about an hour. Doctors would try to get to patients but because of the dust they couldn’t reach the patients. To counteract this there 6 emergency hospitals were set up.
I would pack the normal things, first clothing, then cleansing products, and some food. The rest of the space would be used for personal items like, my computer, my DS, and some of my favorite books. I feel that the hardest thing about leaving would be losing all of my friends. It would be hard for me to make new friends in a place i’m not familiar.            

Monday, April 24, 2017


I felt that the psa was effective in showing it’s purpose. It portrayed the scene very well. All of the music, images, and word helped make it a good psa but I felt that the images were the most moving. It showed the carnage that can happen in one of those car crashes not just the person who was driving unresponsively.
I felt that the purpose of the PSA was to inform kid about the problem of bullying. I found that without using very many word it portrayed its meaning quite clearly. It showed good images and had good music in the background.        

Monday, April 17, 2017


It could affect the health of someone by them not being able to afford health care. Say they dropped out of high school and the only job they could get was working at mcdonald's. They don’t have enough money to afford health care because they have to pay for food and pay there bills.
They would be a danger to society because of the drop employment rates. It is getting harder and harder to get a job more or less a good job. Without a High school diploma this shortens the chance to get a job by a-lot.
The more kids who either drop out or fall behind reflect on the school. Because of this the state would give the school less money in turn making it harder to get good teachers. One way to help this is to have tutoring classes and after school help.